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EICR Reports (Landlord Safety Checks)

At Lj Electricians, we are a professional team of NICEIC approved electricians, and assist all landlords with their routine EICR safety inspections upon request. We have been working in the trade for a number of years, making us not only highly skilled at what we do but also broadly experienced in inspecting a full range of electrical aspects during our electric installation condition report services. Therefore, at Lj Electrics, we are a first-class team to undergo your routine landlord safety checks with.

With electricity being potentially hazardous if left in a faulty, worn condition, it is crucial all aspects are maintained and inspected on a routine basis to prevent major issues from occurring. With this, all landlords are obligated to undergo a variety of electrical inspections and tests every five years, to ensure their rented property and tenants residing in it are in an electrical hazard-free position at all times.

At Lj Electricians, our EICR services consist of a variety of inspections on all electrical installations throughout the property, looking for signs of wear and tear, faults or damages, allowing us to detect and locate any issues within the rented property. This is crucial in preventing electrical issues from escalating further with time.

Without undergoing an EICR service, it is possible that electrical issues within the electrics could lead to major issues at a later date, leaving both the property and tenants in an unsafe position. Therefore, our EICR services not only ensure your responsibility is handled, but also prevent major repair costs at a future date from issues such as electrical fires.

At the end of each EICR service, we ensure a full rundown of the findings is provided on an in-depth report, along with a clear pass certificate once we are happy all electrical aspects adhere to the health and safety guidelines. This certificate will then be valid for the next 5 years or change of tenancy.

To arrange your landlord safety checks with our team at Lj Electricians, give us a call today on 07875156681, where we can provide you with a no-obligation quote for the service, and book a date and time to carry out the inspections. 

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